Quality - Sustainability - Reliability

For Orange - Green Solutions, partnership is the cornerstone of the organisation. We communicate only directly with, and in the language of all parties involved in our projects, resulting in state of the art designs, short and solid delivery times, competitive prices and long-term partnerships. 

Clients and landowners are closely involved throughout the entire project, partners are chosen after careful consideration and manufacturers are evaluated for Quality & Quality-control, Sustainability, Reliability, Product development and Price, ensuring that projects are completed quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

Amerisolar, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd, is a professional solar module manufacturer with a 24-year experience in production and quality control since 1993. Amerisolar is also a provider of technical services for solar power plant (on-grid and off-grid), including technical design, installation and maintenance, for customers all over the world.

As long term Amerisolar-agent we are proud that, next to the known high-quality solar modules, we now also may introduce the new Amerisolar Inverter series.

Huawei's smart PV solution takes power plants as products that can be delivered to customers. Huawei optimizes and innovates during the entire process, from power plant construction to O&M, and integrates the digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, to optimize initial investments, reduce O&M costs, raise the energy yield, and increase ROI.

Huawei puts forward the smart PV solution in line with innovated concepts such as simple, full-digital, and automatic global O&M, to finally help plant owners and customers maximize their ROIs.

IFE Eriksen AG has many years of experience in the development, financing and construction of wind farms. From initial idea through to go-live, IFE Eriksen AG manages every step in the process chain. By combining their competencies, they offer a one-stop shop solution for all the services needed to plan a wind or solar park. You therefore benefit from having a single point of contact – for technical planning, financing, construction and operational management. They have great staying power and a very high success rate in the implementation of wind farms. Many years of experience and great attention to detail will help to get your project up and running.

The 4th generation of Q CELLS solar modules is now available. With optimisation on all levels Q CELLS solar panels are the right choice for your individual solar solution.

The new high-performance solar module Q.PLUS BFR‑G4.1 with its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM is the ideal solution for most applications. The world-record solar panel design was developed to achieve the best performance under real conditions – even with low radiation intensity and on clear and hot summer days. The solar panel Q.PLUS BFR‑G4.1 combines high performance and excellent design tailored to your individual needs.

For over 3 decades Schletter has provided customers across the globe with solutions for solar mounting systems. Their work is focused on sustainability and innovative systems. The variety of special production procedures in light metal construction, high-grade steel and steel enables them to react to the individual wishes of their customers. Individual solutions with aluminum profiles from their extrusion plant, powder-coating for serial production and the complete product development including design, construction, packing and logistics all come straight from their production site in Kirchdorf / Haag in Upper Bavaria, Germany.


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